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You can't see the wood for the trees?


Because the answer is there already;
I just help You to find it.


Coaching -
An Investment in Yourself

What is Coaching?

➯ You're looking for a trustworthy, objective, yet critical conversation partner who gives You advice & supports you in a professional way
➯ You want to develop on a personal level or see Your team grow? You want to re-focus?
➯ You are searching for individual solutionsto achieve Your goals?

Then, my Business Coaching is a great investment for You! Let us identify & realize Your potentials so that You can achieve Your goals efficiently and sustainably.

Compared to (team or leadership) trainings, Business Coaching is a fully individual and personal process. The goal is for the client to find and develop own realistic and motivating solutions that work. The Business Coach steers the process and gives guidance on this way.

Coaching Cloud

My Coaching-Offer characterized by a trustworthy, warm and humorous collaboration. By using individual and systemic methods from the spectrum of team- and leadership development, You activate Your full potential, win new perspectives and achieve Your goals.

You can achieve the following:

Our Coachings can take place both in-person and Online (Google Meet, Zoom,...).
» New in leadership, including support during onboarding
» Successful already when starting into the new leadership position
» Analyse Your team
» Developing leadership competencies
» Developing a vision & strategy
» Dealing with conflicts
» Self-reflexion
» Your impact on colleagues and team members
» Work-life-balance
» Employee development
» Talent management
Form a team out of a bunch of people. A team that plans together its work, solves problems and makes decisions. For this, teams need the right support and autonomy in the right places.

» Composition of teams
» Getting to know each other & onboarding of new members
» Analysis of a team structure
» Strategic restructuring of teams
» Introducing agile work styles
» Team development and general team questions
» Conflicts within teams

Mentoring -
Achieving Goals Together

What is Mentoring about?

➯ You are looking for a trustworthy, objective, yet critical Mentor, who gives You advises, supports and pushes You in a professional manner?
➯ You want to create and implement new processes or improve something that already exists?
➯ You wish for somebody who has relevant experience as founder or manager, so that You can profit from that?

In that case, my Business Mentoring is the right investment for You! Let us take a look at the status quo and improve it in an effective way!

Mentoring is a HR development instrument. It covers the activities of an experienced person (Mentor) who transfers own knowledge and skills to a less experienced person (Mentee). The goal is to support the mentee in their personal and professional development within and outside of a company.

Mentoring Cloud

My Mentoring-Offer based on the following steps (and is - of course - absolutely confident, warm & humurous!)
I. Goal definition: What do You want to achieve?
II. Checking the Status Quo: What did You achieve already? What can we build on?
III. Elaboration of Options: What can we do? 
IV. Deciding on a plan: What exactly are we going to do now?
V. Execution: Introducing the changes; accompanied by Workshops, Coaching- & Training sessions - absolutely individual as You wish. 
Since I will be actively involved with my experience and ideas (in contrast to the Coaching), the mentoring-packages are naturally more extensive and take longer to be fully realized. 
» Setting up operational processes more effective and efficient
» Introduce "customer success" best practices
» Develop or re-think business strategies
» Getting the product development closer to the customer and user
» Improving onboarding processes
» Introducing agile work styles
» Restructuring teams

That's me:
Constantin Büker

analytic. pragmatic. empathetic.

For more than 10 years, I am active as founder and manager. On the one hand side, I love to create great products & design efficient processes; on the other hand I find self-sulfilment in supporting other people in their personal development!

– Studied Industrial Engineer (TU Ilmenau)
– Certified Business Coach (ECA, QSA)
– Certified Scrum Master (PSM)
– Certified Product Owner (PSPO)

Foto Constantin
Foto Constantin


So let's start: Just book a free and non-committal 15 minute call with me:

...or simply send me a message via the contact formular below. In any case, I am very much looking forward to getting to know you!